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How are you gunna tell my girlfriend that I play head games you stupid bitch that’s all you ever did.! Sorry not sorry never played head games with you. I can now honestly say I hope shit don’t work out just so I can tell you I told you so I give it 5 months if that before he kicks you out and you have no one to turn to or he cheats again or wait if he hits u again but now there will be no one there to stop it. Open your fucking eyes before it’s to late!

You taught me once again that actions speak louder than words that people will tell you all the things you want to hear even when they don’t mean anything. You showed me again why I don’t want to be in a relationship you showed me why to not trust people. I hate you yet still love you at the same time but I’m done being someone’s toy for when they are bored. You are in all honesty one manipulative person. You captivated me and put me under your spell I should have listened to everyone when they all said you would were just gunna play games and that I was gunna get hurt in the end and of course I did. I wish I didn’t believe all the lies

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